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by Chris on February 22, 2010

We are excited to announce that we will be starting yet another new section that will likely be of great benefit to our visitors.  Since we have been online in some form for the past 3+ years, we have had a great deal of interaction with our visitors.  We have always offered full support via e-mail and have continuously encouraged our visitors to post their comments, which they have done quite regularly.  What this has allowed us to do is start a list of questions about divorce that have been asked by real people, real men who were going through a divorce.  Now the plan is to put this list of divorce questions to good use.

In the very near future, you will start seeing posts with a title that is just a simple question.  These posts will cover one question a piece and will contain a single straightforward answer and any links to other pages on our site that will explain the issue any further.  Our goal will be to eventually cover all the questions on the list, as well as, new ones that will undoubtedly come in as we get more and more visitors.  If you have sent us any specific divorce questions or planned to in the near future, do not worry one bit about your privacy!  It is our iron-clad promise that there will be no sign of personal information in these posts.  In fact, the question will likely be re-worded to help it pertain to men’s divorce in general, and will probably look like a completely different question to you.  But the overall point of the question and subsequent answer will be very similar.

There will be 2 very easy ways that you will be able to tell if a post is part of the Divorce Q&A section.

  • First, as was already mentioned, the title of the post will be a simple question.
  • Secondly, every one of these posts will be marked by the following picture when it is up on the home page of the site:

Divorce QuestionsWe fully expect this to be a useful new feature of the site, especially if someone is stuck on a specific issue and doesn’t want have to pay the minimum charge it would take to call and talk to his divorce attorney for one single question.

Which reminds me…We are required to make sure that read the following statement, especially when it comes to answering questions, so that you understand our background:  We are not divorce lawyers so any information that we offer should not be construed as legal advice. But we are all very familiar with with certain aspects on the how the divorce process works so we can present and discuss your options with you.

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Dale Sulek November 30, 2010 at 12:54 pm

If I recieved an inheritence while I was married do get to keep it when I divorce?
Say I used it to pay off the house do I get it back first and then split the rest of the value of the house 50/50?

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